Red & White Ribbon Week

Red & White Ribbon Week

January 23-27 is Red & White Ribbon Week!

We want to teach our students how to make healthy choices for their mind and their body.  We will teach them to protect themselves from things that are addictive–drugs and online behaviors.  We will encourage them to “Say No” to substances or behaviors that don’t help them live healthy and happy.

On Monday, January 23rd students can pledge to keep their mind and body strong and clean.  After signing the pledge they will receive a wristband.  This wristband can be worn all week to serve as a reminder to be Drug Free and Media Smart!

Students are encouraged to dress up in support of the daily themes:

Monday: “Team Up to Keep Our Minds and Bodies Healthy”
Team Day–wear your favorite team gear or your school shirt.

Tuesday: “Give Drugs and Bad Media the Boot”
Western Day–wear jeans, cowboy boots, bandanas, etc.

Wednesday: “We’re Too Smart to Harm our Mind or Body”
Nerd Day–wear suspenders, glasses, pocket protectors, etc.

Thursday: “We’re Crazy About Being Healthy from Head to Toe”
Crazy Hair and Sock Day–wear crazy hair and/or crazy socks.

Friday: “Follow Your Dreams by Making Good Choices”
Pajama Day–wear your favorite pajamas and/or slippers.

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